Thursday, June 30, 2016

Clinton? Never!

While the media and much of the far left take turns damning Donald Trump, we are left with the notion that Hillary Clinton is the default candidate. She’s the lesser of two evils.
Nothing could be farther from the truth.
Hillary is the worst possible choice — a sleazy, calculating charlatan who lies with abandon and totes a record of consistent failure and outright corruption.
Let’s look at her qualifications.
- She has no character. In a recent poll, people were asked to describe Hillary Clinton in a single word. The top three were liar, dishonest and untrustworthy. I would add self-centered, hypocritical, manipulative, corrupt and decadent. Anything goes as long as it benefits Hillary.
- She has even less presidential persona than Obama. Naples Daily News letter writer Cheryl Stackus nailed it, decrying Hillary’s “bellowing microphone technique and her screeching-fishwife delivery” and “shrieked diatribes, shouted accusations and bombastic beratements delivered at the top of her lungs.”
Stackus yearns for someone presidential, someone with “the integrity of Margaret Thatcher; the compassionate, soulful womanhood of Indira Ghandi; the poised, assured, intellectual delivery of Carly Fiorina.” Hillary will not be confused with any of those.
- Clinton is Obama in a pants suit. She has the president’s entitlement mentality, but squared. Her presidency would be an Obama third term. She would expand Obamacare, raise taxes (but only on the 50% who pay any taxes to begin with), increase regulations, exploit the black-white divide, pour on more debt, spew out executive orders. If you like Obama, you’ll love Hillary. She’ll give you more of the same.
- She does have experience, but it’s all bad. Her resume reads like an indictment. As secretary of state, she oversaw the rise of ISIS, the appeasement of Iran, the downgrading of Israel, increased bloodshed in the Middle East, the rise of nuclear North Korea and, in culmination, the stand-down order that killed four Americans in Libya.
Then there is the email scandal — an egregious breach of national security she airily dismisses because it didn’t break any laws. In Clinton’s world anything that isn’t criminal is permissible. Everyday rules don’t apply to Hillary. They’re only for the little people.
- She is the worst possible spokesman for women’s rights. In a remarkable footnote to history, she turned a blind eye to her husband’s sexual forays and discredited the women he abused — Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick. Hillary’s response to all this: Ms. Flowers was “a gold digger.” Ms. Lewinsky was “a narcissistic loony toon.” The abused women, the victims, were at fault.
Her current championing of women’s right is a head fake to voters she hopes are too young to remember. Anyway, her supporters say, Hillary is running for president, not her husband. His sins aren’t hers. But in this case history is relevant. Hillary is offering a twofer — you vote for her and get Bill too; he will be an integral part of her administration. Interns beware.
- Hillary is steeped in corruption. The Clinton Foundation was set up de facto to enrich Bill and Hillary with donations from individuals, companies and foreign governments that expected access and grants and contracts — much of this while Hillary was secretary of state. And the Clintons delivered. Favors were dispensed, influence was peddled, foreign charities were set up and taxes evaded or at least deferred, with the taxpayers picking up the tab. The level of corruption was mind-boggling.
So while my leftist friends bang away at Donald Trump, I know one thing for certain: I will never vote for Hillary Clinton.

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