Saturday, October 29, 2016

A Political Lurch to the Left

Nobody cares about the political views of an obscure blogger. I know that. But I suspect, if truth were known, few pay much attention to the political views of The New York Times or the Wall Street Journal either. Big media reaches more people, but it has no particular corner on the truth or insight into how the election will shape the future.

So with that preamble, however shaky, I offer the following thoughts about what the country will look like after a Hillary Clinton victory in November. She will win, of course. By a landslide. And there will be a huge swing to the left, a bonanza for Democrats.

First off, let's examine Hillary Clinton. She's a disaster. Donald Trump says bad things, but Hillary does bad things. She has amassed a record of lies, deceit and failure. Her record as U.S. Senator and Secretary of State was mediocre at best, destructive at worst. In the private sector, you don't hire people like that. In government they thrive.

Obsessed with entitlement ("It's my turn to be president"), she lets nothing stand in her way. A political animal to the core, she has few principles and very little integrity. For the Clintons, the end always justifies the means.

While the email scandal is telling -- the FBI is reopening the probe -- the favors-for-cash debacle of the Clinton Foundation is downright criminal. People should be serving prison time. And the ad hominem attacks on Trump's womanizing is hypocrisy at its worst. Bill Clinton's presidency was a locker room joke. (Think Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick.) And Bubba isn't going away. He'll be Hillary's chief advisor on women's rights.

But here's the thing. Most voters don't care. They really don't. They shrug off the Clintons' immoral behavior. They ignore their corruption and flaunting of the law. They accept all of that to get the protection of bigger government, to get more safety nets, to shed reliance on the free market, which they think has failed them.

We're seeing a historic shift to the left because people want it. Most voters want capitalism contained. They want taxes borne by the rich. (Wealth redistribution isn't such a bad thing.) Most voters want little overseas involvement, no more body bags from unpopular wars. They want hegemony consigned to the history books. They want less stress and more family time. They want to be more like Europe. And why not? The Scandinavians, socialist to the core, are the happiest people in the world according to survey after survey.

And that's where we're headed. Here's what a Clinton presidency will look like.

  • The U.S. Senate, with a slight Democrat majority, will go nuclear and approve leftist Supreme Court justices by simple majority vote.
  • Unable to work with a still-Republican House, Clinton will govern by executive order (Obama has shown her how), and the newly minted Supreme Court will uphold the executive orders. Congress will no longer be needed.
  • Regulations will proliferate, upheld by the courts, further hobbling American business.
  • Demographics, already changing, will change further. To hasten the change, the government will loosen immigration restraints for Hispanics, Africans, anyone who will vote for liberal candidates. Clinton will deliver on her promise to "open the borders."
  • NATO will die, in fact if not in name. Taking her cue from Obama, Clinton will never send American troops to protect Lithuania or Estonia or even Poland. The U.S. will turn inward as never before. Defense funding will shrivel. 
  • Marijuana will be decriminalized. Religion will be marginalized. Law enforcement will be subjugated to racial correctness.
  • College will be free for everyone. Previous loans will be forgiven. Charter schools will be defunded. Educational standards will fall, but it won't matter. Government will take care of everyone.
  • With Obamacare costs spiraling out of sight, the government will turn to a single-payer system, the ultimate prize for socialized medicine.
  • Windmills and solar farms will proliferate, covering huge swathes of the landscape. The government will hold down energy prices by increasing subsidies for renewables.
  • Huge infusions of federal money will go to repair our crumbling infrastructure -- roads, bridges, rail systems. Our water supplies and electricity grid will receive more oversight and may be nationalized.
  • All of this will be paid for with revenues from higher and more progressive income taxes, with the top 2-3% carrying over 90% of the load. The middle class will pitch in, paying higher sales and property taxes.
I'm not suggesting any of this will take place at the point of a Democratic bayonet. It won't. The U.S. voter wants these things. Forget about Trump. He's just an excuse. The 2016 election with candidates named Bush and Sanders or any other pairing would turn out the same.

The country is turning to the left because it wants to. Maybe its reasons are good, maybe not. But it's happening.

To those who doubt me, to the conservatives who think this is just a bump in the road, let's see where things stand 12 or 24 months from now. Let's see if I was right.

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