Saturday, March 25, 2017

Viva ObamaCare

The will of the people has been upheld.

ObamaCare remains the law of the land.

The voters made the call by electing congressmen who just agreed to keep the existing healthcare system.

Democrats stood united for the status quo, implacably rejecting anything different. Republicans couldn't agree on an alternative -- seeking the impossible instead of the achievable. As such, and in spite of cries to the contrary, they de facto accepted ObamaCare. And the voters who duly elected them, Democrats and Republicans alike, got exactly what they voted for.

What did they get? A system of failing exchanges, dwindling choices, skyrocketing premiums, fleeing insurance companies -- in short, imploding healthcare. And it won't be fixed. Not by this congress and not by this president. There will be no additional subsidies, no more shoring up with taxpayer money. Hell will freeze over first.

So ObamaCare will continue until it fails and millions lose their coverage. Democrats and Republicans, and the many voters who elected them, now own ObamaCare and its perilous future.

Thank you, voters.

We have a great form of government.

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